Simplified Funding Concepts (SFC)

Self-funded Group Health

Simplified Funding Concepts (SFC) provides a self-funded health benefit plan coordinated with stop-loss protection. Available to groups of 10-50 employess, SFC meets the ACA’s individual mandate requirements and is governed by federal law under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). From the options available, employers can select the SFC plan that best meets their employee’s needs at an affordable rate.

Simple process

  • The monthly payment applies to the claims account, plan expenses and stop-loss insurance premium.
  • Employees and dependent medical expenses are paid from funds deposited into the claims account.
  • Provides protection if covered claims exceed the employer’s monthly funding limit.
  • If claims do not exceed the employer’s annual funding limit at the end of the claims run-out period, 100% of the unused claims funds remaining in the claims account are returned to the Plan Sponsor (employer).

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