Groups with two or more employees are eligible for coverage

Whether your business is established and looking for a plan with specific features, or is offering employees dental insurance for the first time and seeking a less expensive option, The IHC Group’s DentaFlex portfolio offers straightforward, easy-to-understand benefits.

Customize your plan

  1. Calendar-year plan maximums of up to $5,000 per covered person
  2. Groups may build a plan by choosing among available options including the number of covered cleanings per year and waiting periods for basic and major care
  3. If you choose a preferred provider, you can choose to have non-network claims reimbursed either at the maximum allowable charge (MAC) level or on an incentive basis.

Employee choice

  • You pay for plan A and offer plan B as an optional employee “buy up.”
  • Employee-paid plans with multiple options help increase dental plan participation, and better employee participation can mean more satisfied employees and lower employee rates.
  • Carve-out plans where plan A is offered to one employee class, while plan B is offered to another.

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